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Top Reasons to Upgrade to Sitecore 10

Top Reasons to Upgrade to Sitecore 10

Sitecore is the world’s leading digital service provider today, according to Gartner. With the emerging advancements in technology every day and businesses opting for digital transformation, it is inevitable that Sitecore also comes up with various upgrades.

Sitecore is constantly evolving and bringing new versions with unique features. You as a business can avail Sitecore upgrade services to get the Sitecore Upgrade for your website.

Let us first understand more about the latest Sitecore Upgrade which is Sitecore 10.X!

Sitecore 10.X

Whenever you hire Sitecore upgrade services for your business, they will always recommend that you go for the latest version of Sitecore. Yes, the Sitecore development company that you hire for Sitecore upgrade will always be proficient in upgrading and migrating from one version to the next but the latest version is always preferred.

The latest Sitecore version 10.X is all about digital transformation and optimization. While developing the new version, they have focused specifically on improvements in automation through the power of AI.

Some of the major features of the latest Sitecore 10.X version are:

  • Custom CRM Integrations
  • Sitecore Content Hub Integration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sitecore AI Video Support
  • New Horizon Editor
  • Container Support
  • Sitecore Content Serialization
  • Personalization Support for Sitecore XM Subscriptions

What is usually followed in the Sitecore upgradation process?

  • Project initiation and set up
  • Database/Content migration
  • Platform/Code upgrade
  • Infrastructure side to side set up
  • Testing
  • UAT and bug fixes
  • Going live

What are some of the perks of upgrading your Sitecore version?

You get the latest stack of features integrated in your business. Your website becomes new, refreshing and relevant to the ongoing market trends. And, you also get access to a range of new functionality and features.

Every time Sitecore comes up with a new version upgrade, it comes with enhanced capabilities for personalization with improved performances and results. This will ensure that your website visitors will have delightful customer experiences.

The newer the versions, the more independent it is. This means the new versions are engineered without any dependency on older servers, which makes the version more advanced and ahead of competition.

Do you want to integrate any third party platforms? Or make Sitecore a huge part of your digital ecosystem? You can do that. Sitecore is open to endless third-party integrations for various business functions as well as business requirements.

Why should your business upgrade to Sitecore 10?

  1. The new version comes with the Sitecore Horizon Editing interface. It combines in-page editing features from the experience editor with direct access to data analytics and this new feature works with multilingual and multisite solutions.
  2. There is also the new Sitecore Content Hub integration feature that helps in managing data and digital assets. Sitecore 10 also has some extra GDPR compliance features which makes it easier to deal with making the data anonymous.
  3. Another new set of features is added for marketing automation and analytics. You can automate your marketing as well as synchronize new data for analysis. You get new out of the box filters for data. This will help you determine segments which can then be reused in reports, emails, and general automation.
  4. There is also container support which is an important and useful feature for developers. Developers can use software called Sitecore Docker for running containers for development. Sitecore is also now supporting Kubernetes for running production instances.
  5. As a part of Sitecore 10.x, another major added advantage is the headless CMS. The new headless core is built on .NET technology and allows Sitecore to run independently. Sitecore version 10.x now also allows content serialization.
  6. The Sitecore AI Auto Personalization allows people to begin their personalization process instantly. There is also room for seamless deployment and quicker execution of the marketing campaigns.

These are just some of the major benefits that you get when you upgrade to Sitecore 10.X for your business.


Sitecore is trusted by Fortune 500 companies across the globe for building robust, secure and flexible platforms. Using Sitecore, one can build multiple websites supporting multiple languages across regions. It is basically an all-in-one solution for all your needs.

Upgrading your website to Sitecore version 10 is not only recommended, it would also be the wisest choice as it allows you to keep up with the evolving consumer demands.