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Real Estate Video Marketing: How to Drive More Sales

Considering that real estate is one of the world’s largest markets, it is not surprising that digital marketing has played a major role in bringing this industry into the 21st century.

Buying and selling houses is a big decision and providing as much information as possible is essential. Video marketing can be helpful in this process, particularly for properties that are similar in style. Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry to engage customers and boost sales.

In the real estate industry, video marketing can be extremely powerful, whether used as a single marketing tool or combined with others like social media, SEO, email marketing, and traditional print advertising.

Do you use video to market your real estate business? If not, you probably should. Video marketing can help you generate more leads in real estate, but it’s not always easy. The quality of your videos should be high, and you should know how to distribute them.

How Can Video Marketing Help You Sell More Properties?

Video has gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the past decade. As the globe increasingly moves online, video is integral to every marketing strategy. Video is becoming increasingly significant to the real estate industry.

You may wonder how exactly video marketing will benefit your real estate firm now that you understand its importance. Let’s take a moment to discuss why video is such a helpful tool for real estate companies before we talk about the types of videos that can increase your sales.

As the real estate market becomes increasingly competitive, quality films can help you stand out by doing the following:

Creating Interest in Potential Customers

You will attract new customers by posting video content on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Videos generate more customer attention than other media, including text and images.

Research indicates that videos in emails increase click-through rates by 65%. With a video marketing strategy, you may be able to save a significant amount of time in finding potential clients.

Set Up Additional Meetings

A strong online video presence improves your chances of being recommended over agents who don’t have one. In the real estate industry, 73% of buyers spoke with just one real estate agent on their home search.

Increases Your Connections with Others, Especially Millennials

Average online home shoppers are under 33 and set high brand standards regarding honesty, openness, and value. Your customers will be more likely to buy from you if they feel that they know you personally, which you can foster by creating videos that introduce your company and you to them.

Your expertise and character will be displayed to potential customers through a video. To build first contact, it is crucial that you make a video rather than send an email. Fortunately, the Internet has made it easy to produce quality videos, thanks to tools such as the video editor, which aids in the editing process.

Feature Your Properties

The advantage of real estate video marketing is that it allows the creation of various clips that include available properties and the surrounding areas, offering a more engaging and informative presentation than simply using images.

Clear Up Any Confusion

In addition, video content eliminates the need for customers to read large blocks of text to understand a product’s features and benefits.

There is a Growing Demand for Video Content

The study on the future of video marketing in 2022 found that 88% of respondents expressed interest in seeing more brand-produced videos.

Using videos when communicating with your target audience will make your brand more approachable and memorable. Additionally, real estate markets prioritize graphics, so the more videos you can include, the better.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Even though video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, very few real estate brokers are employing it. You may be able to set yourself apart from the competition by embracing any new technology early on, giving you a leg up on your competitors.

Enhanced Ease of Use

A video tour of a property can save you time and money. By eliminating the need for appointments, you can better accommodate your busy clients and save them from the stress and inconvenience of trying to see properties at inconvenient times.

In summary, the benefits of using real estate advertising videos to sell properties outweigh the costs of producing them.

Top-Rated Videos to Boost Your Real Estate Sell

The number of real estate-related videos you can use in your video marketing campaign is almost limitless. Below are some ideas for informative videos you can make for your customers.

Remember that every one of these might be posted on YouTube or another video-sharing site or incorporated into your website or listing.

1. Video Walkthroughs of Properties (Virtual Tour)

No matter how impressive images and animated tours are, a video tour immerses a viewer in the property’s atmosphere. You can add a video tour to your listing if you want to sell more properties quickly.

The listing page can contain professional-quality virtual tours, but you can also record your explorations in person. Highlight the features you know the buyer will appreciate the most by taking a virtual tour of the property.

2. Walkthrough Videos of the Area (Neighborhood Tour)

It is not only about buying a property that prospective purchasers are interested in but also about the neighborhood as a whole. A neighborhood guide can help you tell a story about what it’s like to live there by highlighting local amenities like stores, parks, vistas, pubs, gyms, and more.

Try something new and creative, such as drone videos or celebrity voiceovers. This type of video can generate attention, credibility, and sales to sell more properties. Buyers appreciate the fact that you are willing to put in the effort to make it happen.

3. Testimonials from Happy Customers

Real estate transactions are based on trust and credibility, both of which can be enhanced by testimonials.

The video testimonial does not require much time as it is simplistic and unscripted, allowing consumers to express their opinions.

4. Videos for Social Media

Sharing videos on social media is a great way to reach a large audience, whether trying to sell a property or find new clients.

If you’re trying to establish a relationship with a potential client, consider the social media platforms where they spend most of their online time.

In addition to virtual property tours, video content that is entertaining and digestible does well on social media.

5. Announcement of New Listing

The new video you create for your listings can increase interest in them. It’s sort of like a movie trailer, but it’s for a property.

The best way to advertise a property is to use a video of its top features. You will need to use an engaging call to action to get consumers to inquire about your ads. Real estate brokers can quickly and easily reach their target market using these video clips.

6. Discounted Prices

Like listing videos, you can use price drop videos to attract potential buyers. By lowering the price of your property, you will be able to attract a wider audience.

Most home buyers use the Internet to search for a new home and enjoy videos focused on pricing.

7. Use Explainer Videos to Guide Purchases

There is a great deal of documentation required in the real estate industry. It makes sense to impart some of your real estate knowledge to potential customers since you know a lot about it.

It’s important to first look over the specifics of property ownership, including land legislation and other facts they will need as they proceed with their purchase. Whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant, this training helps you understand basic concepts related to real estate transactions.

As a result, you may win your client’s trust and help them make informed choices.

7 Quick Tips for Real Estate Video Marketing to Sell More Properties

1. Briefly Relate a Story

Customers’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so you need to convey the most relevant information quickly in a marketing video. A compelling narrative can help sell houses. People need to visualize living in the houses you’re selling, which can be achieved through storytelling.

Real Estate Videos That Will Make House Hunters Say “Home Sweet Home” - Appleton Creative

2. Videos Must Have Professional Shine

By making your video of high production value, you increase your chances of it becoming viral. Using flawless photography, expert editing, and a compelling soundtrack is crucial. Consider every element seen within the frame, and style it as though it were an open property.

3. Share Your Videos

Promote your videos as much as possible, including your email list and social media accounts. Don’t assume viewers will find them by accident.

4. Make A Strong First Impression

Considering that the average attention span of the average person has decreased to roughly 8 seconds, think about how you can make a lasting impression in that amount of time.

5. Call For Action

A video without a clear call to action is worthless. In closing, explain your video and how readers can contact you.

6. Search Engine Optimization

For search engine optimization, keywords should be placed in strategic locations, such as the title and description of the video.

7. Put Video Content on Your Website

Distributing videos using social media and email is a must, but do not overlook your website when planning how to distribute them.

The Bottom Line

Video is now more important than ever to real estate agents. Using video marketing in the real estate industry will increase your brand’s exposure, attract more customers, and showcase your listings more engagingly. Yes, it is that easy.

Video can hold viewers’ attention, making video a very effective medium. Real estate agents would be foolish to ignore it in an age where moving images dominate the media landscape.

Despite challenges, the rewards will quickly outweigh the effort. Video marketing is still largely untapped by real estate agents; this is your chance to capitalize on this trend.