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What Do They Ask The Most About Hair Factories?

When purchasing hair from Chinese factories, gathering as much information as possible is essential. Regardless of how many questions you have asked and answered, they may need to cover more than what you need. Here are some questions people frequently ask. Have a quick read and see if they are your answers.

1.What Is The General Wholesale Price Range For Hair?

The length and quality of the hair determine the price of hair extensions. Furthermore, most Chinese hair factories engage in massive wholesale hair production.

It is cheaper to get hair extensions in bulk from such wholesalers than from suppliers. Chinese hair extensions are renowned for their affordable prices and typical market quality.

One bundle of usable hair extensions lasting over five years can cost as little as $8.

2. How Can I Prevent Fraud?

In a world where technology is improving, scams are also getting smarter, so you should be extra careful when making more significant transactions.

Insist on a video call if you are concerned about a seller. Never pay for something in full before it arrives; be very careful if a seller begs you to do so.

When doing business, you should always ask the seller about the product’s guarantee and read all of the paperwork carefully.

Scammers frequently create ambiguous bills and refuse to provide quality consultation. Report the seller right away if he leaves the area after receiving cash.

3. Is It Wise To Import Hair Extensions From Chinese Factories?

Buying hair from China is a good idea because the prices are fair, and the quality is about average for the market.

Chinese hair extensions are constantly in stock and created on a massive scale. These hair products are very well regarded by the general public.

Profit margin over retail price is the best indicator of a business’s performance.

The wholesale cost of Chinese hair is low. That enables you to charge a high retail price and make a substantial profit.

4. What Source Of Hair Do The Hair Factories Use?

The majority of the hair used by wig manufacturers comes from natural resources. Vietnamese hair is not sourced from several countries, unlike Chinese hair, which is a blend of hair from various origins, including India, Singapore, and other Asian nations.

The quality of hair is also influenced by the source. Women who live in the country have better hair than those who live in the city. This is because of the tradition of using natural hair oil, and organic products are used a lot in the countryside.

Which hair factory, among those in China and Vietnam, is better for me?

Due to its widespread production, Chinese hair is more frequently found on the market.

Although Chinese hair extensions are more expensive than Vietnamese hair extensions, they last a shorter time overall. Pricing-wise, Vietnamese hair is more affordable than Chinese hair extensions.

You should prioritize quality over all other factors when beginning a new firm. However, if your business is already running, you’ll want to increase output to generate more sales.

Top 5 most reliable synthetic hair factory in China

If low-cost, high-production hair always in stock is your top priority, Chinese hair may be your best alternative.

5. How Can I Locate China’s Top Wholesale Hair Factory?

It is easy to locate the best wholesale hair extensions factory in China. Google is the best place to start looking for vendors, and you can speed up the buying process by ensuring the seller has good clients. For new buyers, customer reviews can be a valuable resource.


Exports of hair, like other cosmetic goods, have recently attracted much attention.

The market is full of different hair types; you can sell them and have a great business.

China is essential to the hair industry because it is the biggest exporter of hair extensions.

China’s hair factories are renowned for their high standards and competitive prices.

In this blog, we’ve tried to show you the top Chinese hair exporters and tell you about other important parts of the hair industry.

You can ask us any questions at www.newtimeshair.com if we still need to address them. We’ll do our best to respond to you shortly.