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Some Myths about weight gain and its foods

We see on the internet many myths of celebrities and models and how they are misguided people with their false info


Some people said that rice is complex carbs and will be the reason for weight gain but they’re wrong. Rice will not increase your weight If you eat them in your caloric sufficient. Rice is the main source of carbs which is important daily and gives us energy and a source of power Myths about weight our daily basis works or exercises etc.


Some dieticians recommend that if you want to lose weight then you should leave the chapati and cut off all the carbs from your routine. But this is very dangerous and harmful for health. This will not gain weight if you eat moderately.


It is said that if you do work out then when you leave doing it your body will lose mass and gain weight but this is not true weight lifting is not bad for us. This is very helpful for strength training. These all are myths, nothing more than that.

Dry fruits

These are beneficial in weight loss but some people think that it will increase your weight but I can’t increase weight if you take them with a proper diet in a proper manner. These are helpful in weight loss because rice is fiber. Improves your metabolism. Boost the immunity and also improve your heart health.


Supplements can enable you to lose weight. The weight loss supplement business is huge. Numerous corporations insist that their supplements have impressive consequences, but they’re hardly very effective when researched. The major justification that supplements work for some people is the good effect. People fall for the marketing moves and expect the supplements to enable them to lose weight, so they are more aware of what they eat. That said, limited supplements have a reasonable consequence on weight loss. The nicest ones may encourage you to shed a minor quantity of weight over various months.

Eat less, move more

Body fat is solely stored energy. To lose fat, you desire to burn more calories than you take in.

For this explanation, it appears only reasonable that chewing less and moving more would result in weight loss. While this guide helps in theory, particularly if you make a durable lifestyle difference, it’s a bad suggestion for those with a severe weight crisis.

Most people who pursue this information end up regaining any lost weight due to physiological and biochemical characteristics.

A main and maintained difference in viewpoint and attitude is required to lose weight with diet and workout. Prohibiting your food input and doing extra physical activity isn’t enough.Advising somebody with obesity to barely eat less and move more is like warning somebody with sadness to cheer up or someone with drunkenness to drink less.


I hope these facts and views will be very effective and helpful for you which are mentioned in this article