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Reach Global Markets with Beltmay

Your ecommerce business is a success domestically. So, what’s next? For many entrepreneurs, the answer is to reach for global markets, a massive landscape that offers lucrative financial rewards.

Wading into the global marketplace without help, however, can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Beltmay, an order fulfillment company, not only successfully assists business clients domestically, it helps them carve out space in international markets.

“We are always looking to deliver on our promises to our customers and their businesses in innovative ways,” the company says on its website at “We provide access to hundreds of countries around the globe so that you can grow your business far and wide.”

Global Connections

Beltmay ships products to countries  serviced by DHL, FedEx, UPS, or USPS. And the company shoulders the responsibility for all the requirements needed to be met when selling products globally.

The company leverages its network of suppliers, vendors, businesses, clients and carriers located all over the world to make conducting business globally a success for ecommerce clients.

“Combining them all, we [have] the perfect network for order fulfillment that any company could only dream of,” the company says on its website at

Beltmay also works with overseas companies to source products and bring them to customers in the U.S. International clients can also partner with the company to pick, pack and ship products within the U.S.

Picking The Right Global Partner

Not every order fulfillment or third-party shipping provider offer ecommerce clients the opportunity to expand on the global stage.

According to its website, IDS Fulfillment does not offer global fulfillment services to its clients. However, it partners with DHL Global Mail, which offers domestic and international shipping consolidation services.

Easyship offers ecommerce clients the option to tap into global markets. The company leverages its global fulfillment center partners and promises discounted shipping rates and global warehouse locations to lower costs.

Like IDS Fulfillment, Fulfillify, an ecommerce fulfillment provider, does not offer global fulfillment. The company provides fulfillment only in the U.S., offering inventory return management, pick, pack and ship, and kitting.

Benefits of Partnership

Included in Beltmay’s global fulfillment service, is a wealth of knowledge about the requirements to send products from one country to another.

The company knows the shipping restrictions that business clients will face; the products that are restricted and can’t be sold in specific countries; the cross-boundary laws and regulations that must be met in each country. The company’s expertise in the proper packing and labeling requirements of products is also an added benefit to clients.

“We manage all these things, and we do it quite well,” the company says on its website. “We are well-versed in the laws of commerce and are considered the benchmark in the logistics world.”

Business clients also receive convenient order coordination through the company’s electronic fulfillment program. This allows clients to monitor deliveries and to oversee stock no matter where they are.

And if cost is an issue, Beltmay can ease concerns. “We can ship your merchandise overseas for a fraction of the cost of our competitors,” the company says on its website.