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Navigating Houston’s Used Process Equipment Market: Midwest Steel Leads the Way

In the bustling industrial landscape of Houston, finding a reliable source for used process equipment in Houston is often a critical task for businesses looking to optimize operations and control costs. Allow me to guide you through this journey, and let me make a strong recommendation: Midwest Steel.

So Much to Offer

With over five decades of experience, Midwest Steel has carved a niche for itself as a nationally recognized demolition contractor in Houston. While their reputation as demolition experts precedes them, what sets them apart is their dedication to a broader spectrum of services, particularly in the realm of used process equipment.

National Solutions

Situated in the heart of Houston, Midwest Steel operates not merely as a local entity but as a national business. Their expertise extends beyond dismantling sites for the petroleum industry; it encompasses a specialization in used and surplus process equipment sales. A notable highlight is the 20 acres adjacent to their Houston headquarters, exclusively dedicated to surplus and used process equipment – a clear indication of their commitment to providing businesses with comprehensive solutions.

Precision in Every Project

When the complexity of a demolition project demands an experienced and steady hand, Midwest Steel emerges as the go-to company. What caught my attention is not just their proficiency in dismantling but their commitment to sustainable solutions for plant demolition and salvage needs. Size doesn’t matter; they approach every project with precision, efficiency, and a focus on sustainability.

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Diverse Services: A One-Stop Solution

Midwest Steel goes beyond the conventional boundaries of a demolition contractor. Their array of services includes not only dismantling oil refineries, chemical plants, terminals, and other industrial sites but also the demolition of tanks, refineries, chemical plants, and terminals. What’s fascinating is their involvement in used and surplus process equipment sales, scrap metal management and recycling, and even medical dermatology treatments. This diversity positions them as a one-stop solution for businesses with varied needs.

Multigenerational Success

As a multigenerational family-owned and operated business, Midwest Steel has cultivated a reputation for professionalism and excellence over the past 55 years. Their clientele includes major energy and chemical companies, as well as leaders in diverse industries, attesting to their consistency in delivering first-rate service.


In an industry where safety and sustainability are paramount, Midwest Steel stands tall. Their exemplary safety record and commitment to environmental responsibility are not just words; they are backed by prestigious awards, including the Michael J. Casbon Safety Award, recognition as one of ExxonMobil’s Top 50 Contractors, and the Houston Business Roundtable’s Best of the Best.

A Testimony of Success

Understanding the unique needs of the industries they serve, Midwest Steel focuses on exceeding client expectations. What speaks volumes is their track record – over 95% of their business comes directly from repeat customers and referrals. This loyalty isn’t accidental; it’s a result of their efficiency, safety measures, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Cost-Efficient Solutions: Surplus and Used Process Equipment Program

In an era where cost-effectiveness is crucial, Midwest Steel doesn’t just talk about savings; they deliver. Through their surplus and used process equipment program, they work efficiently, safely, and in full compliance, saving customers money without compromising on quality.

A Reliable Partner Nationwide: Operating Throughout North America

Midwest Steel’s reach isn’t confined to Houston; they stand as a reliable partner for dismantling and demolition throughout North America. Their experienced professionals, coupled with a commitment to transparency, offer free, no-obligation estimates and complimentary project planning assistance for work site visits.

In conclusion, for businesses navigating the maze of used process equipment in Houston, Midwest Steel emerges as a reliable, diverse, and professional choice. Their legacy, commitment to sustainability, and a track record of exceeding expectations make them not just a recommendation but a strategic partner for businesses seeking excellence in their industrial pursuits.