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Wednesday, December 6News That Matters

Mind over Matter? Health over Illness? Dr Bruce Lipton Illustrates the Power of Perception

It is amazing how one’s mind sees things – and yet it doesn’t. How can we see something in front of us and then – poof – it’s gone. But it really isn’t gone. It’s still there.

Or how about we see things that are not really there at all? We make them up. Now we’re talking.

Only if we could envision beer and then – poof – there it is.

Sound weird?

Then sit back and enjoy this illusion [https://cbdweeds.co.uk/].

On a more serious note:

If we envision health – and it’s not present in the body at the moment – will it become so? Dr Bruce Lipton thinks so.

So do I.

The optical illusion linked above is an illustration of how we perceive things – and how we can change that perception. It is to illustrate the point driven home by Dr Bruce Lipton.

Who is Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD?

Formerly a microbiology professor at a medical school, Bruce Lipton is now doing research at Standford University. Bruce travels all around the country educating and informing thousands of people.

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s main message: Genes do not control you. You control your genes. Perception of the environment is what turns on or turns off genes. Perception comes from you – your mind, thoughts and beliefs.

This translates into: You control your own health.

It is a big statement. Huge in fact.

I highly encourage you to rent, buy or borrow his DVD lecture entitled, The New Biology, Where Mind and Matter Meet by Dr Bruce Lipton.

I saw Bruce Lipton at my medical school. He is a brilliant and engaging speaker. Hilarious as well.

So next time you go to sit down in front on the tube, drop this in. Empower yourself.

Improve your life and your health. It is possible.

The desire to regain health must begin with you. It is not a doctor’s job to heal you. They simply provide tools and advice.