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Free Instagram Followers Get Free Instagram Followers & Likes Fast (No Survey)

Free Instagram Followers Get Free Instagram Followers & Likes Fast (No Survey)

Want Free Instagram Followers & Likes? Here We Will Discuss About The Best Apps & Methods To Get More Instagram Followers, 100% Real People, No Survey Required.

Instagram has become one of the largest social media platforms – this makes it essential for users to establish and develop easily accessible connections.

Are you the owner of an online startup? Thinking of ways to make a profit through Instagram can be exciting; especially when you have a robust follower base.

However, the harsh reality is, your initial 10,000 followers on Instagram are the most difficult to get.

Why? Because your brand/services are not yet widespread. You will still have to establish your brand as a thriving business and industry influencer.

Fortunately, there are now many ways to get free Instagram followers instantly.

If you follow our detailed guide highlighting the best ways to get free Instagram followers quickly; you could even acquire 10,000 followers on Instagram within six short months.


Get Free Instagram Followers by Using Apps – No Survey!

Are you looking to boost your Instagram follower count?

Check out these amazing free apps:

1. Crowdfire

crowdfire social media manager

This app is a popular Instagram tool.

The free software allows its users to specify an appropriate publication time as well as the most suitable hashtags to enhance audience engagement.

CrowdFire also offers an opportunity to get Instagram followers. Do you sometimes observe that your number of Instagram followers decreases?

Are you interested in finding out exactly who unfollowed you? With the CrowdFire app, you can discover both un-followers and inactive users.

2. Followers For Instagram Spy

Followers Spy + for Instagram on the App Store

This smart software for iOS will get you free Instagram followers and also provide your account’s follower statistics.

However, you must subscribe for the Premium service to access these and other features of the app.

You will receive information about the number of Instagram followers, who stopped following you, which profiles aren’t following you back, your most interactive followers, and those who delete your posts.

3. Social Scan

social scan insta reports

This software is indispensable for people who closely monitor their Instagram accounts.

The Social Scan app will help you find out which Instagram users followed or unfollowed you.

You may also view the most popular likes, posts, comments, and hashtags for your account.

4. Incontrol Stats For Instagram

Do you use your Instagram account often and are currently searching for a tool that can get you free Instagram followers as well as boost your social media presence?

The InControl Stats software for Instagram is an excellent tool which provides you with the appropriate statistics.

A few features of the app include:

  • viewing the profiles of Instagram accounts you follow
  • view users following your updates, and people tracking your updates, without following you back
  • your most recent followers
  • Instagram users you have unfollowed
  • your top followers (fans)
  • Instagram users who haven’t interacted with any of your posts.

InControl Stats will also let you discover your secret admirers, users who blocked you, closest followers, and posts you liked most.

With such detailed info provided by this fantastic app, you can plan your publications, improve your account, know your top followers, and get free Instagram followers for your profile.

5. Real Followers App By Times New

This software now has about one million downloads on the app store.

The Real Followers app by Times New will help you get free Instagram followers by including trending hashtags in all your posts to boost their reach.

When more users see your Instagram pictures, then it will definitely receive more appreciation automatically.

Regular users of this app will not just get Instagram followers, but they can also boost the number of likes on their Instagram posts.

Because most Instagram users regard accounts with more followers as trusted profiles, you will surely get more attention than before.

6. Followers Pro+ For Instagram

followers pro for instagram

Nowadays, every Instagram user wants to get more free Instagram followers instantly.

You can find out how many new users follow you daily and then use such info to boost the figure.

The Followers Pro plus application for Instagram can help in this regard.

This software is a quick and precise tool for Instagram followers’ analytics.

Use it to monitor your followers on Instagram, discover who stopped following you, which users aren’t following you back, view your fans, identify blockers, and lots more.

7. Real Followers & Get Likes On Instagram

This popular app has helped thousands of Instagram users worldwide to get free Instagram followers.

The software has been downloaded over 100,000 times and has a 4.3 play store rating. The Real Followers for Instagram app is 15MB in size and can be installed on any smartphone.

It is well-known for getting free Instagram followers no survey. The Real Followers app’s operation is quite straightforward.

You will first be required to choose the category of your Instagram video or photo. The next step entails pasting the suggested Instagram hashtags to caption your post.

And lastly, you don’t have to do anything else since the Real Followers program will handle the job. It has inbuilt no crop app feature which will help you in creating square images for free.

It is easy to make use of the Real Followers interface, and you can increase your free Instagram followers instantly with this app.

Are you an Instagram influencer, model, or photographer?

This app will assist you with unlocking your potential followers efficiently and for free.

8. Instaboost Followers

This free Instagram tool is for both iOS and Android devices.

It was designed to assist people with getting additional free Instagram followers, comments, and likes.

The main sections of the InstantBoost app are:

  • Shop – The program store which helps you to obtain a specified number of followers, comments, and likes.
  • Daily Followers and Likes – Arrange daily subscriptions via this software.
  • Coins – Different ways of earning coins to follow the pages and like the posts of other Instagram users, and also for the installation of a few other applications.
  • VIP – Users can upgrade their profile to professional ranking to receive discounts, access an in-built personal assistant, and disable ads inside the app.

9. InstaInfluencer


This popular software is rated among the best Instagram followers free apps for 2019.

The InstaInfluencer app is lightweight at 6.4MB. Even users of low-end phones will not encounter any problems when using this app thanks to its compatibility and small size.

InstaInfluencer currently has 100,000+ downloads and a 4.6 user rating on the app store. This is the ideal app to help you with your quest of getting more free Instagram followers for your account.

The InstaInfluencer app is quite different from other apps spotlighted in this post. This software will allow you to earn credit points by gaming.

Users can even earn additional points by watching videos. Your InstaInfluencer points can then be used to obtain free Instagram likes.

Users won’t just receive likes and followers through the InstaInfluencer app; they will also get comments on their Instagram posts.

This app can also offer up suggestions for all hashtag combinations that can help you to unlock more opportunities.

Get Free Instagram Followers Through Engagement Groups

This approach works best for newbies who have just started learning how to get free Instagram followers.

Many Instagram beginner accounts have seen their follower base increase rapidly.

What they did differently? They joined Instagram engagement groups.

Although joining the largest Instagram engagement groups may be tempting, the fact is you can target a specified Instagram audience by adhering to your niche.

There are lots of Instagram engagement groups for fashion, beauty, travel, and many others.

In such groups, Instagram users can get likes and followers from people with common interests.

However, if you are determined to get the desired attention, you must also reciprocate by following back.

You can get as much as two thousand new Instagram followers after just two weeks of using this tactic.

While this may not reflect immediately with sales, it will help you to establish credibility during the early stages of your Instagram account.

Hashtags to Get More Instagram Followers

Many Instagram experts recommend using between five to eleven hashtags for your posts.

Still, you can always ignore this advice and go crazy with it.

Since the objective here is to maximize visibility, the best way to do this is by including more hashtags in your posts.

As your follower base grows, your posts will also rank higher for the hashtag keywords you used; offering you increased visibility.

Perhaps your hashtags are specific to your niche; you can increase your chances of being discovered by your target audience, which will assist you with growing your Instagram followers as well.

You should, however, avoid generic hashtags such as #picoftheday or #love if you’re into fashion, for instance.

Get Instagram Followers Through a Consistent Style

When you have a consistent theme or style, it goes way beyond branding play.

It becomes about generating certain expectations for your Instagram profile which your followers can rely on.

They will also demand to see similar content on a daily basis.

If you are able to consistently deliver that with each post, you will grow your Instagram followers quickly over time.

The Wrap Up

There are lots of ways to swell your number of Instagram followers free by applications and organically.

But these applications and tips don’t work for all niches. So, be wise!