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Five Reasons to Choose Chic Prints for Your Greeting Cards

While greeting cards are one of the easiest ways to convey your message to someone, it’s also important that you pay attention to the look of the card as well. Keep in mind that just because you’re sending a heartfelt message does not mean that you should ignore the aesthetics of it, especially when most people will judge your card on its looks first before reading the message inside. For this reason, we’re going to tell you why should go for chic prints when you’re shopping for greeting cards.

Personalised Greetings

From birthdays and weddings, holiday celebrations and baby showers, sending a personalised greeting is always a special way to show someone you care. There’s something about handwritten sentiments that really makes a statement. It shows that you took time out of your day to write down exactly what you wanted to say, which is more than most people do. When it comes time to send out birthday cards or get-well wishes, don’t just buy some card off a rack at your local store; take some time and make it personal with chic prints.

Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Paper Products

More and more people are conscious about their impact on our environment, and that includes how we choose to send our friends, family and loved one’s greetings on special occasions. With so many options on greeting cards out there, why not consider environmentally friendly paper products? Think of your future self—your kids will thank you!

Added Value

A chic print will also ensure your card stands out in a stack of identical holiday cards. Don’t have time to search through endless racks for a unique design? Skip Etsy and opt for a personalized online greeting card printing service, like Lino Lord. From photo cards featuring cornish pebbles or homeware prints (seriously), to contemporary art prints, you’ll find something worth giving. Plus, they’re eco-friendly—printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper—and come with free envelopes.

The Right Choice For Any Occasion

While most people don’t think about it, choosing a greeting card can have a big effect on your relationship with that person. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary, birthday or just because card, picking one in a cheerful and upbeat pattern is always a good call.

Last But Not Least – They Make You Happy!

If you’ve ever picked up a chic print card, you know what we’re talking about. A chic print is much more than a creative take on an old format – it’s a card that lets your recipients know they’re special. Every time they look at it, they can be reminded of your thoughtfulness and warmth. Sometimes, it’s just as easy as that! So why wait? Buy now at Lino Lord!