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Emberify: Everything you Need to Know About Instagram Ads

Emberify: Everything you Need to Know About Instagram Ads

Emberify: Everything you Need to Know About Instagram Ads

A famous quote goes, “Use social media to impact people but not to impress.” That’s a valid point, and the best part is that people even started following it. Yes, social media had and is having a great impact on us in a very positive way. Platforms like Instagram are among the most popular apps that aided us in many ways. Its usage has just transformed to another level. From being an app just for featuring multimedia now, it has become one of the finest marketing tools.

The main selling point of Instagram is its unique features and constant updates. One of Instagram’s best-known features is the “Paid Ads” option. Using this feature, you can accomplish your goals effortlessly. It also provides us with another first-rate advantage where you can achieve a good deal of free instagram likes trial and photo likes. Eventually, this benefits in increasing your account reachability also.

The below article will let you know how to leverage this feature more effectively.

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads can be defined as posts that are used to promote a product or service. These ads look like regular posts. But with a “Sponsored” tag on them to indicate to the users that it is an ad.

Fact Alert!

At first, Instagram launched a feature called “Sponsored Ads.” It was introduced in the year 2013. Using this option, a user can do sponsored post advertising even to their non-followers.  The main reason for the popularity rise of Instagram is this feature.

Organic Vs Paid

There are two ways you can market on Instagram. One is the organic way, and another is by using a feature of Instagram.  Organic marketing is solely based on relationship building and customer trust. Therefore, it is time-consuming and a bit unpredictable. Also, it would be best if you were consistent in your marketing plan. Whereas on the other hand, we have paid advertising.

Paid ads are the new trend! With paid ads, you can gain more new followers. Furthermore, you can opt for Emberify to retain the gained follower count. The paid ads can be targeted to specific groups of users based on certain metrics. Such as

How to Set Up Your Instagram Ads?

You can create an Instagram ad using either Facebook’s ad manager or an in-app ad featuring. In the in-app ad option, you will choose a well-doing post and advertise it to a specific audience. Whereas creating ads using ad manager on Instagram is also very easy. You have to follow the following steps.

  1. The first step is to navigate to the Facebook ad manager and click create button. You will be redirected to the page where you have to set the marketing objective goals. Such as
  1. After setting a goal apt for your business, you will now have to configure your target audience. It can be based on location, age, gender, language, etc.
  2. After setting all the requirements, it is time to choose the placement of the ad. For example, you can place it on different platforms or features of a particular platform, like stories, feeds, etc.
  3. Now set your budget for the ad and schedule the start and end date for the ad to run. Lastly, create your ad. Voila! You can choose the ad type based on your objectives. Some of the most popular ad formats are mentioned below.

What are the Types of Instagram Ads?

There is a wide range of ads option available on Instagram. Each ad type has its benefits. Its usage ultimately depends on an organization’s or individual’s goal. It includes the following

Read further to know the most popular ads every brand uses to attract more customers.

Image Ads

As we all know, Instagram is primarily known for featuring colorful photographs. So if you want to market your product or service more effectively, you can try this photo ad. Photo ads allow you to use images for advertising your brand, product, or service.

You can primarily target the image ads on a user’s feed or stories. It comprises a photo, a description, and a CTA(call-to-action) button. The main objective of using Photo ads would create brand awareness and increases your traffic. The more ways to achieve the aforementioned will work by using Emberify.

Video Ads

Being a visual platform, it is an added advantage to market using multimedia. Video ads are very similar to photo ads. However, with Instagram’s autoplay feature, it is made simpler to capture a user’s attention. It is also straightforward to display your intention in a concise amount of time using video ads.

Stories Ads

Instagram stories ads are vertical images or video ads that appear between a user’s story. Since its launch in 2016, Instagram stories have attracted billions of users to explore his platform. It is finer than in-feed ads as they cover the whole screen. Also, the engagement rate is higher with story ads. The CTA for story ads is mostly the swipe-up link button at the bottom.

Reels Ads

It is undeniable that users spend most of their time on Instagram Reels. The successful launch aided in enabling the option to advertise using reels. The Reels ads are similar to Instagram stories ads. Ads are shown to the users in between reels. As most users are swiping through this feature, it is best to advertise using reels.

Shopping Ads

Instagram has been dramatically evolving in terms of its eCommerce features. It allows users to buy products within the app. You will be directed to the product page when you click on the ad. It helps you to increase your conversion rate. Also, it helps the users to take a quick and seamless experience in shopping.

Each ad has a CTA for users to accomplish. Some of the most popular CTA include the following:

To Conclude

Instagram is evolving and improving its user experience each day. Especially Instagram ads! It can help you level up your marketing strategy more efficiently. You need minimal investment and bingo! You can effortlessly achieve your goals through N number of ad formats and types to choose from.

What’s your best Instagram ad strategy to market your products or services? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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